Roshni Bahri


Roshni: Licensee, Co-organiser and Event Management

A 2nd year medical student, Roshni depends a lot on coffee and mini rolls. If she’s not buried into a book, you’ll find her attempting to dance or finding a new dog to pet. Self-proclaimed ‘equalist’, if you see her on the day, talk to her about… everything. - this one’s a chatterbox!

Photo by Adi Ahmed

Sophie Rollo


Sophie: Co-organiser, Tech head and Event Production

Second year computer science student, who’d leave everything at a drop of a hat if travelling was free. Coder by day, and inventive chef by night, Sophie has a quirk for almost everything. One of her (many) special talents is touching her nose with her tongue. Feel free to ask for a demonstration if you bump into her!

Joné Balsevičiūtė


Jone: Creative Head

Our bubbly creative head is a final year molecular biologist in making. But she’s not all just about the lab because she’d bolt to go camping/ hiking/ swimming at any chance she gets. If you happen to bump into her, ask her about her fear of tickling and I guarantee one of you will be amused. (it probably won’t be her.)

Elisa Jamal


Elisa: Finance Lead

Elisa, or as we lovingly like to call her our Money Woman, is a second-year economics and international development student. She’s a massive game of throne’s fan, so she’s all up for talking theories about Dear Ol’ Jon. She’s always up for a game of table football, and weirdly, a conversation about how real ghosts are. enim.

Rachel Ponniah


Rachel: Executive Production

Another future doctor in making, Rachel adds a touch of much needed sarcasm to our team. In her free time, she is fangirling over Jodi Picoult, taking naps in places she shouldn’t, and playing the occasional game of hockey. Talk to her about food, Malaysia, and sharks.

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