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Interested in becoming a partner?

As part of the TEDx initiative, TEDxUniversityofEastAnglia connects with our local community in all aspects of our conference. Just as we bring in a diverse array of presenters and attendees, we strive to partner with organisations that represent our mission.

We are currently seeking partners for TEDxUniversityofEastAnglia 2018. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please get in touch at

We are happy to explain our partner benefits in more detail, and help answer any questions you may have.

TEDxUniversityofEastAnglia is a non-profit event organised by unpaid volunteers. Any partnership goes directly to paying for expenses such as catering, advertising, logistics and other materials and costs that support the event. We kindly thank our partners. Without you our event would not be possible.

We are thrilled to partner with local companies that value meaningful impact and share our vision for a world shaped by powerful ideas.

partner TEDxUniversityofEastAnglia if… you think that it is important to invest in your local community to support innovation and the power of ideas!

Ways to participate

- Cash donations
- In-kind donations (printing, catering, transport, advertising, gift bag items, etc.)
Each partnership is unique and we will work with the partners to create branding opportunities that depend on the nature and value of the partnership. Benefits could include:

Can partners sell products or services at the venue?

Unfortunately, partners cannot sell products or services at the venue, but they have an option to allow attendees to demo a unique product (subject to approval) or give a gift to our speakers.

If we are providing food items, may we sell to non TEDxUniversityofEastAnglia attendees?

Unfortunately, in-kind drink, snack or food partners cannot sell items at the venue or give their items to non TEDxUniversityofEastAnglia attendees while on the venue’s premises.

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